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TED Is A Non-Profit Organization Devoted To Spreading Valuable Ideas. It Started In 1984 As A Four-Day Conference In California And Has Developed To Support Ideas That Aim To Change The World Through A Number Of Initiatives. Annual Ted Event Involves Pioneering Intellectuals Around The World To Talk For A Period Of 18 Minutes With The Use Of Modern Visual Aids And New Approaches To Inspire People. These Talks Become Available On The Website, Free Of Charge To Every Individual In The World. The Word TED Is An Acronym That Stands For Three Words: Technology, Entertainment, And Design. Later On, The Domain Of The Event Has Expanded To Include Other Areas Of Interest Such As Science, Engineering, Medicine, Literature, And Art In Addition To Scientific And Researchable Areas Related To Them

What’s TEDx? Inside the College of Pharmacy

(What’s TEDx) event was supervised by TEDxMisrata organizing team. The event included various sessions that introduce the concept and independently-organized talks of the event to the audience. What’s TEDx aimed to bring public attention to TEDxMisrat2017 (which will take place in the middle of August). The purpose was to provide pieces of information regarding the event’s content and theme of the year. Moreover, this event provides the opportunity for interested speakers to register through the website. The event also provided description of the appropriate way to fill the form which will enhance the chance of getting the individual accepted to participate in the event. This event took place for the first time in the Martyr Mohammed Alhalboos auditorium, College of Pharmacy+Sience, Misrata University on Thursday, August 06, 2017, at 14:00. As TED logo is ideas that worth spreading, invitation is directed to all who are interested in spreading ideas.

TEDxMisrata 2015

It was held in 2015 for the first time in the city and the second in Libya, the conference was a great success represented by the participation of speakers from 3 different continents and cities in Libya, where 13 talks were given that got high views and a wide spread on social networks, The conference was given a 9.2 rating according to TED, and the organization received an official invitation to participate in the TED Summit in Canada 2016.

Our vision

To Create a community of bright minds, to become a leading force for peacemaking and a sustainable future..

Our message

spread knowledge through the activities of TEDX Misurata and encourage others to host TEDx events in Libya and the Arabic world..